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1.7 Million Jobs Posted on Facebook Job Board

November 16, 2012


Yesterday Facebook launched a job-board app, featuring 1.7 million listings from 5 different recruiting organizations.

This new application is the one of the products of Social Jobs Partnership that Facebook started last year with several public agencies and aggregating jobs in one place.

The first set of jobs comes from the three agencies viz. BranchOut, DirectEmployers Association, Work4Labs, Jobvite and Monster.com.

With this new move, I feel that Facebook is venturing into digital world big time and has a chance of becoming a threat to Google as well. Although this application is not generating any money directly for Facebook, but it sure can get into paid Job Listing business as well. Linkedin must watch out for sure. With such a huge database of almost 1 billion, this sure be a big success for Facebook.

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Morrison a Victim of Facebook Give Away Scam

August 29, 2012


We are all aware of how the dupe data mining companies use fake branding material of big companies and fool people into signing up or giving away their information.

One such recent scam has been reported by Morrisons. Apparently it is targeted at Facebook users into clicking a link to get a free £250 gift voucher.

Voucher scam: the fake give-away offer aimed at Facebook users

The link features all Morrisons branding in an attempt to cheat Facebook users. In fact if you tried to leave the page, you will be notified saying you are “today’s winner”, luring you to stay back to claim the prize.

Morrison has already posted a warning on their website notifying that this is a scam.

Internet has become so open that a scam like this is not surprising. For people who already became a victim, just filter those emails and mark them as spam.

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Facebook Forcing Its Own Email ID on Everyone

June 26, 2012


If you are on Facebook, then you must have noticed that your default display email address has been changed to @facebook.com and the worst part is that it did this without any intimation.

So, if you have changed your vanity URL to a personalized username then your ID will be username@facebook.com and if you are still using the random numbers assigned to your account then your email will be random@facebook.com, which in my opinion would look rather unhelpful in terms of defining your identity.

So, if someone is sending an email to @facebook.com, it will be shown in your Facebook account message inbox.

But don’t worry, if you wish to display your own email address instead of this @facebook.com one, then you need to go to the profile page, scroll down to “contact info” and click edit. There you can hide the @facebook.com email address from your Timeline and replace it will your real address.

I just wonder that the more and more we are getting involved into social media, the more and more they are taking away our privacy and forcing unwanted things on us. What is your take on this?

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Top Brutal Facebook Posts

January 4, 2012


Facebook is the most popular social network. It helps you connect with long lost friends and stay in touch with your dear ones. But some people have ended up in horrible mess due to their conversations on Facebook. Check out the top 6 list below:

1. Changed Relationship Status

2. Animal lover ends up humiliating herself

3. Never abuse work on Facebook, you can be fired

4. Awesome reply to what I say a rather fair question

5. Don’t abuse your teacher publicly, it is meant to be done in private if at all needed

6. The biggest disaster, never flirt openly on Facebook when you have a girlfriend.

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Olla Condoms – Unexpected Babies Social Media Campaign

December 1, 2011


Olla Condoms in Brazil came up with an interesting social media campaign yet to some it might sound even scary. The campaign targets some Facebook profile of guys (I suppose chosen randomly). The company created 100’s of fake profiles  with those guy’s in the profile and adding a Jr. tag in the end. Then they sent friend request to their proposed dad’s with a message that “don’t like surprises like this, use Olla condoms”, hoping to receive some reaction to the requests and probably an increased fan base.

It sure is an interesting way to get people talking about your brand but I sure don’t think it is the right approach. Many people have criticized the campaign on YouTube.. What are your thoughts?

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Facebook Gives New Marketing Advice for Businesses

November 25, 2011


Facebook have developed a microsite, www.learnpageinsights.com which guides you through the new features of Facebook Insight to help the businesses get better from their Facebook Page. On the website their is a quick reference feature that shows what’s what when you mouseover at different places. Good thing for someone who wishes to know everything in a short time.

Here is a screenshot of the Insight Dashboard.

Facebook Insight is not something new and it was introduced by Facebook in August. Some of the key answers that Facebook is “How many”:

  • Liked your Page
  • Liked, commented on, or shared your Page post
  • Answered a Question you’ve asked
  • Responded to your event
  • Mentioned your Page
  • Tagged your Page in a photo
  • Checked in or recommended your Place

It is a good tutorial and you should check it out!

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Facebook Conversations Ignored by Brands

October 21, 2011

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When Facebook came up with the idea of offering business pages for brands, everyone jumped in the wagon and started building brand pages blindly. Now after few years, there are very few brands who are maintaining their pages and promoting conversations, most of the companies have either forgotten to update or are using FB page for just promoting their products.

What these companies fail to realize is that Facebook is a social networking channel whose primary goal is to communicate and build relations. One of the shocking revelations came from CEO of Socialbakers who mentioned in one of his posts about the lack of interactions brands have on their Fan Pages. Only 5% of wall posts by consumers are responded to.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that brands jumped in too quickly to get themselves on FB and probably wasn’t aware of how the page needs to be maintained. If you do not have a brand page, it is understandable, but having one and not using it in the right way is simply harmful for your reputation. It’s like having a contact us form and never responding to inquiries.

Check out the response rate of brands in various verticals below. You would be surprised to see the poor rates.

I’m not surprised to see that many companies have even disabled comments on their wall. What is the point of then having a Facebook page, you might as well be good with simply a website. For these companies having is a FB page is rather harmful to their own brand identity.

Here are some keys for owning a Facebook page:

  • If you cannot maintain a Facebook conversation, do not have a page in the first place.
  • Monitor what your consumers are saying, they have come to interact with you, do not let their messages go unattended.
  • Respond to negative comments properly, instead of deleting them or blocking comments.
  • Facebook is not a sales channel, do not just use it to post your promotions.
  • Use tools to monitor conversations, there are many of them out there.
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Facebook Scavenger Hunt by Universal Pictures

October 14, 2011


Universal Pictures runs Facebook scavenger hunt

To promote the latest film Tower Heist, Universal Pictures have launched an interactive campaign called Facebook scavenger hunt.

To participate, consumers need to click on “Heist” buttons on the Facebook pages and Facebook related ads about the film. For every click the participants will earn Facebook credits. If you wish to earn more then you can share it with your friends as well.

Named as “Heist It Back” campaign, I personally feel it is a good approach to promote the film. The idea was coined by the interactive agency “The Branding Farm” and IT company IFeelGoods.

To participate you will need to allow Universal Pictures to access your basic profile information so that they can use it to better understand the demographics of its audience.

It is a very good way to do market segmentation and there is no better place than Facebook for collecting personal information.

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