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Facebook Forcing Its Own Email ID on Everyone

If you are on Facebook, then you must have noticed that your default display email address has been changed to and the worst part is that it did this without any intimation.

So, if you have changed your vanity URL to a personalized username then your ID will be and if you are still using the random numbers assigned to your account then your email will be, which in my opinion would look rather unhelpful in terms of defining your identity.

So, if someone is sending an email to, it will be shown in your Facebook account message inbox.

But don’t worry, if you wish to display your own email address instead of this one, then you need to go to the profile page, scroll down to “contact info” and click edit. There you can hide the email address from your Timeline and replace it will your real address.

I just wonder that the more and more we are getting involved into social media, the more and more they are taking away our privacy and forcing unwanted things on us. What is your take on this?

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