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Facebook Scavenger Hunt by Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures runs Facebook scavenger hunt

To promote the latest film Tower Heist, Universal Pictures have launched an interactive campaign called Facebook scavenger hunt.

To participate, consumers need to click on “Heist” buttons on the Facebook pages and Facebook related ads about the film. For every click the participants will earn Facebook credits. If you wish to earn more then you can share it with your friends as well.

Named as “Heist It Back” campaign, I personally feel it is a good approach to promote the film. The idea was coined by the interactive agency “The Branding Farm” and IT company IFeelGoods.

To participate you will need to allow Universal Pictures to access your basic profile information so that they can use it to better understand the demographics of its audience.

It is a very good way to do market segmentation and there is no better place than Facebook for collecting personal information.

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