Zomato’s 10 Min Delivery Plan Is Talk Of The Town

While people are running out of time and patience to wait for the food. Zomato thought of introducing a new plan called ”Zomato Instant”  which delivers food in 10 mins. Although, the plan has laid out a set of rules, which ensures the safety of the delivery personnel and high-quality standards for fresh food. The tweet posted by him mentioned that zero penalties for late delivery and zero incentives for on-time delivery. This includes both 10 min delivery and 30 min food delivery. This instant food delivery plan will initially start from the specific locations. The plan given by the CEO states that “ we pinpoint those restaurants which will have a prep time of 2-4 mins and the delivery person has 6 mins to travel 2 km at a 20km/hr speed. 

CEO Deepinder Goyal has been facing backlashes in social media from the moment he announced this. And evoked critics from leaders as well. The major concern raised by the public is the safety of delivery personnel who have the pressure to deliver the food in under 10 mins and the safety of pedestrians. 

This is a major move in the food delivery history and a tough challenge for the hotels and food delivery organizations. Let’s wait and watch what Zomato has to offer more in its platter. To know more about Future Digital Marketing Trends, visit our home page.

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