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Learn How You Can Improvise Your Website

Website Is A Mirror To Your Imaginations & Brand

Visuals and Content are the eyes of a website. They are of great importance and create a first and everlasting impression on the users. Every one of us tends to judge a product in a second, well websites aren’t an exception. Within that one second, it needs to create an impact on the user and make them stay longer on the website. Visually appealing yet aptly conveying your ideas. When a user opens a website for the first time or for the ‘Nth’ time, it should have a friendly experience as well as easy to locate. 

What To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website?

  1. It’s All About The Art Of Visuals
  • Have you heard? The first impression is the last impression. Well, that quote is precise for your website too. Color recognition is the way we perceive things and has a great influence on your brand. 
  • Here, understanding color theory – color combinations, tints, shades, tones play a key role in developing a site. Choosing a color combination could be so difficult and confusing at first. Options like Contrast, Monochrome or various other color combinations can be used to make the site intriguing. Be it warm colors or cool colors users shouldn’t feel overwhelmed at the first sight. 
  • Adjusting the saturation, contrast, image position can have a huge change over in the appearance. It all boils down to keeping it a simple but elegant look. Because the color association is going to get registered in their mind & will remind them about your brand.
  • Typography – Each brand has its typography which speaks for itself. Choose typography wisely because it represents you. 
  • Designs need not always be fancy; some simple designs yet relevant can create magic on the board. Remember overloading your site with design can ruin the look and user experience 
  1. Building A User-friendly Interface
  •  A website interface needs to be designed to guide the user’s eyes. Your designs, Images, Texts are the key players in guiding them in the right direction. Proper negative space balance can enhance and highlight the context.  

Design a dashboard in a way that users can get to know about you at a glance. Users shouldn’t feel the need to hunt for something.

  1. Sell Your Brand

Don’t make it all about yourself, you need to convince the audience and answer these questions in your content-

Why do they have to choose you over others? Why you are the best? How are you going to solve their issues? What is so special about your brand and its service? How affordable is it to the audience?

Answer these questions in a lucid yet quick way to understand manner. For eg- You can make use of graphs or smart arts to represent it efficiently. By the time their eyes reach the last page, you need to bag their trust and build a connection with them. Your blog articles, E-books, stats, and client testimonials help them to get a better insight into you. But don’t bombard them with all the information at once. The process has to be slow and steady. Because you don’t want them to bounce back from the site.

  1. Website Logo

Have you noticed the logo of the Hindustan Unilever Brand? Their brand logo represents all products they produce and has a meaning to it. Even a layman can identify the brand. Similarly, you need to design a powerful logo to have a brand identity. A logo is not restricted to brand recognition but they also play a vital part in creating an impression amongst customers, Conveying your brand niche, and showing your ideology. Here creativity plays a major role while carving a brand logo. 

  1. Content Architecture

Time is money. It is precious. Nobody would like to spend their time on lengthy paragraphs or speech. It’s boring. Content should be short and crispy. And it needs to convey your ideas and services. 

Content can be made interesting with images or videos or gifs or even with designs. Quirky heading and taglines catch the eyes immediately. This doesn’t imply that one should work only on the header, body, menu, CTA( Call to action), forms but focus on the footer and if required on sidebars. They play a significant role in directing users to choose your brand.

NOTE- Framing content is a crucial part don’t miss out on that! Catchy content, catch the eyes.

Every process takes time but eventually, you master that field. Pay heed to the minute detailing of your website because it carves the best out of it. The combination of all factors in the right proportion makes the website impressive. The ultimate goal of creating this impressive website is to please the audience. Users lookout for quick, consistent, and catchy information. If they will return to the site or not depends upon whether you fulfill their expectations. To get more informative insights about Future Digital Marketing Trends, visit our home page.

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