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Nokia’s Gift Giving Vending Machine


Considering the recent downfall that Nokia has been experiencing in the smartphone market, Nokia has come up with an innovative marketing stunt to salvage some damage.

If you happened to be in Skypark Glasgow last week, you would have had a glimpse of the “Nokia Gift Machine” and probably even had a chance to grab your free gift.

To get the prize attendees of the social media week had to open Foursquare on their phone, locate the Nokia Gift Machine, check-in using the #NokiaConnects hashtag and share to Twitter.

This is really a good use of Twitter and for sure we would be seeing more of such activities happening in future. Imagine if a free candybar counter is established in front of malls where parents whose kids have been good throughout the shopping time get a free candy or free school accessories for students who have scored good grades.

The ideas are endless and possibilities are huge. But for now, kudos to Nokia for the concept.

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