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“RIP Cher”, Cher Gets Twitter Death

Cher, a famous pop-singer recently became a victim of Twitter death. A rumor spread of Twitter of the death of Cher and apparently a sick joke on the celebrity got out of hand. 

If you see Twitter, “RIP Cher” is one of the trending topics and only a cause of further shame. It is surprising how a social media website can even declare a living person dead and even get so much popularity. Instead of letting it down and removing, people are only fueling to this hoax and adding to the misery.

Well for those of you who are in doubt, Cher is alive and healthy. It is only a rumor.

Nasty pranks such as this are not new, earlier this month, there was a rumor like this about Rihanna’s death.

It amazes me to see that how people can easily play pranks such as this and get publicity as well. It is another example of how social media is getting out of our hands and it will be only a matter of time when there would be no control on such websites and rumors. Situation looks gloomier day by day for the fate of social web.

For record, there is no humor in writing about death of people who are alive. Please people get some senses and stop playing such pranks! It is a humble request to all the social media users.

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