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Georgian Vodka Brand Goes Aggressive – Wolves in London Campaign

The new campaign of Eristoff Vodka has mysterious circus come from Georgia in London. A number of fake online videos circulated the net suggesting that one of the acts had escaped and wolves were roaming on the streets of London.

In November, a website for imaginary Dakov Circus was launched to promote “Circus Freak Out” event in East London. Then the website posted an announcement that the “Wolves of Vale” act was suspended for the time being. Post making the announcement, fake videos were made live on Internet showing wolves across South and East London. The entire event was boosted by rigorous Twitter messages to build up excitement.

The campaign, developed by Us London and pd3 was a huge success with over 200,000 video views and lots of comments and interactions on the social networks. Check out the video below that reveals the truth about the escaped wolves:

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