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Old Spice Manta Claus – Isaiah Mustafa is Back

The famous American actor Isaiah Mustafa, who we are probably know due to the Old Spice TV commercials is back on popular demand. This time he is featuring in the Old Spice MANta Claus campaign. The week long campaign will show a generous Mustafa giving gifts to 7 billion people on earth.

The series of videos kicked off the campaign start which included Mustafa giving shout-out to Twitter gan Amber (aka@beautyjunkies) and revealing her gift which were a pair of shoes made out of necklaces.

So far residents of Australia, Shanghai and 25 Internet friends are among the ones receiving the gifts. At the end of each day, Mustafa presents a report on the number of total gifts given so far.

The campaign is promoted widely across all the social networks including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The latest gift includes Mustafa giving his heart to all the ladies. Check it out!

Personally this is a very creative campaign to capture the festive holiday season and celebrate Christmas with Mustafa!

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