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Coco Cola’s New Campaign Promoting Honesty


In the series of their humanity initiatives by Coca Cola, here comes another campaign encouraging people to be honest. The new campaign is launched in Portugal and titles, “Rival Wallet”. It takes place in Benfica ticket office in Portugal and has a very simple theme, “what if you found a wallet few days before a big football match and it has a ticket that belongs to a rival supporter?”

There are various instances of people finding the wallet and surprising 95% of people return the wallet to the ticketing area. Honest people were rewarded by an applause from the surrounding people and given a bottle of coke and a free ticket to the game. Their actions were also appreciated on the giant screen during the game.

In my opinion, this is a very interesting and cool campaign. Sure makes you think, honesty always pays, so let’s all try to be honest and enjoy the benefits that follows….

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