Feds Prepare Anti-Trust Subpoenas for Google

U.S. Federal Trade Commission has begun an investigation into whether Google has unfairly used its dominance to squash its competitors, reported Wall Street Journal.

The investigation aims to examine Google’s business practices as a whole. Google generates $30 billion in annual revenue, making it the king of search advertising, a dominance that just keeps growing even though Microsoft is investing heavily in development and promotions. Google owns 75.2% of search-advertising dollars, compared to Microsoft’s 10.8%.

Recently FTC has been very active in reviewing and pursuing digital companies, and this new investigation into Google might be a good platform to set a new standard for how may be allowed to operate in the digital space.

Google is no stranger to government scrutiny. It has been in clashes and lawsuits ever since it came into business. Lets see how thing goes, but it surely would be interesting to get some standards for operation in the digital sphere.

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