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Marketing Opportunities with MiniClip Games

With the growing popularity of video games and online computer games, the online gaming world has been bombarded with variety of games to suit every type of gamer. For those gamers who want to have some quick fun without installing big software, there is an option of miniclip games.

Miniclip games are free games which you can play them for free anytime, anywhere simply by opening your web browser.

The most unique feature of these games is that being very easy to play, they are addictive and once you start playing, you generally you find yourself playing for long hours.

Since the time miniclip games came with the launch of the website MiniClip in 2011, the industry has grown manifolds. Many more designers have become a part of the community and variety of miniclip games have entered into the market. Surprisingly the market has become so popular that some of the renowned titles like Mario have also been converted into miniclip games. Moreover, these games are not only limited to computers, but are also available on mobile phones.

The fun and addictive factor of these games, made the marketers grab the marketing opportunities that came with the huge popularity factor.

Big companies like Apple, Microsoft are partnering with the miniclip game company providers to develop games exclusive for their company in order to boost their branding. Recently, iStunt2, a miniclip game developed for iPhone was rated as the iPhone Game of the Week.

You can even see many miniclip games integrated within websites to grow the website interactivity and popularity.

The most popular company MiniClip has almost 70 million users and thus, it is not surprising that marketers are now realizing the potential of this growing popularity. For a startup company or a website, I would surely recommend integration of miniclip games if you want your visitors to stay longer on your website.

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