Hot and Latest ’18 Million Strong’ Claim Banned

The price comparison site had made a claim in one of their ads which were screened in November 2010. The ad featured a voiceover that said, “, 18 million strong and growing”. It later updated the number to 20 million.

However, the ad watchdog ruled that the ad was misleading and they examined and found out that their customer records was significantly under 18 million. Though the number was not provided due to commercial issues.

Thus, ASA has asked not to use this TV ad again as is unless they make changes to remove those false claims.

This brings to a very interesting question, what does “18 million strong” claim referred to exactly. told ASA that this number referred to the unique number of customers who had registered for an account and processed a quotation. The company also said that they had excluded customers who had closed their accounts.

No comments have yet being received from yet to confirm everything.


3 thoughts on “ ’18 Million Strong’ Claim Banned

  • How can the site come to an exact figure of 18 million? seems to keep records perfectly.

    • This is because they faked the results. The actual result was something else, they just exxagerated the numbers.


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