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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Irritating Your Customers?

The ever changing yet nascent digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace.

When it comes to digital marketing, the original goals of any digital strategy were to, “engage with customers”, “talk to them” and then build products most suited to their needs. Now, to achieve these goals, marketers listen, analyse and predict customer behavior in order to optimize their product offerings.

But all these strategies are focusing on the short term vision of how to please the customer right now. The long term implications of building the brand impact is missing in most places. Companies are using digital marketing mainly to run promotions, discounts and to target visitors who come on the websites. The marketing campaigns have become so autonomous that it lacks even the simplest human intelligence. Take for example Groupon, it does not even differentiate between its male and female customers and end up sending female spa offers to males.

Just by implementing anything and everything in order to keep pace with the digital world, companies are even forgetting the basics. The primary goal of giving customers what they want is now crushed by shoving off irritating ads on websites and in their emails.

Many marketers boast about how they have twitter followers and fan building on the social web. They talk about converting the talks into leads and monetizing the social popularity. While all this is good in the short term profit making but they forget the key aspect of marketing, “to maintain customer relations and satisfy their needs forever”. It means keeping track of the customers and helping the customer at every stage of their lifecycle.

Unfortunately what most of the companies are doing is that they focus on somehow making a web surfer click their ads and buy something. They will keep flashing their ads on the website until you get irritated and stop visiting that website forever.

On the other hand, advertising industry has always been the most creative. Every ad is different from the other ad. You cannot make the same ads for different companies or products. Similarly, in digital world you simply cannot make a generic marketing strategy. Each strategy needs to be custom made. All companies need digital marketing, period. But do all companies need the same type of digital marketing is what we need to question. Evaluate the products, the services, the IT infrastructure, the company size, types of customers, geographic culture, etc. Don’t let the digital marketing industry rot with old age methodologies, and bring an element of creativity with a lot term vision.

Digital marketing is not just about Google and Facebook, it goes way beyond it and this is what the marketers need to find out….what can I do in digital marketing so that my customers are not irritated by irrelevant ads…

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