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Facebook Launching Brand Page Analytics Tool

Facebook is planning to launch an analytics tool to help companies measure the impact of their brand pages. The tool will be launched on 5th October.

Right now the maximum information that companies can draw from their FB page is how many people have liked it. While this is a good measure of popularity but it might not help marketers much as the numbers can also include people with fake profiles.

The most important number is to know how many people are interacting, how many people are posting comments on the wall.

According to Facebook, this new tool will enable the companies to track comments, impact of media spend and product performance.

Some of the statistics given by Grady Burnett, VP of global marketing solutions at Facebook, emphasized the importance of such a tool.

According to him, there are 800 million users of Facebook, out of which almost 50% login daily. An average user has 130 friends. Sixty-eight percent of consumers are more likely to remember an advertisement when it is linked with a friend’s name, for e.g. if there is an ad saying, “your friend has purchased this, will you like to try?”, it has high probability of being clicked.

With the new age marketing, it is very important to measure the value of interaction with the customers. With this tool, hopefully it will become easy for companies to know who is talking what thereby enabling them to make more customized messages as per their target audience.

More to review when the tool is actually launched.

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