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“Win a Farm” Competition a Big Flop

The New Covent Garden Food company recently came up with an idea of “win a farm” competition which sounded great but was a complete disaster. The competition offered a top prize of £500,000 to the winner to buy a farm.

The idea sounds great and even gathered 267,000 entries but the trouble was that the way competition was arranged, no one won.

The competition

A unique code was printed on the promotional packs. 267,000 codes were entered on the website, none of them came out as a winner. Probably the owner of that lucky draw must not have bothered and not entered the code and thus, no winner. But sadly the company didn’t have any backup plan for such a situation and this led to many unhappy followers.

New Covent Garden Food admitted on their Facebook page about this issue but well, you cannot pacify an unhappy customer just by a simple apology. People said that a draw would have been more fair or they could have a backup plan allowing the users to pick another code. People also commented that the promotion was a scam and the company never intended to announce a winner.

Although the company says that all entries were not entered and thus, it is not entirely their fault, but still people were left frustrated. What sounded as a good idea, made a big loss to the company.

Word of caution, if you have a competition to promote your product, you outta have a winner.

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