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Verizon Copies SNL “Bad Jeans Idea” Commercial

Last week Verizon came up with a new commercial promoting their 4G directly attaching AT &T. The commercial is named “Bad Idea”. You will see a group of middle aged men talking about horrible ideas while stretching courtside. Once everyone has shared, a title card appears with the text “BAD IDEA” written on it.

Now, if you were there in the 90’s and watching Saturday Night Live, you would find this commercial similar as this was once done on an episode on SNL.

Either Verizon was paying a tribute to SNL with this “Bad Idea” ad, or it has just lost creativity and resorting to copying satirical ads for promoting its actual products. Wonder what AT&T will say in reply to this ad….

One thought on “Verizon Copies SNL “Bad Jeans Idea” Commercial

  • Not a parody…just a ripoff


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