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Norwegian Air Shuttle Marketing Disaster

What seemed to be a very good idea for Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA has turned into one of the worst marketing disasters.

The company launched a contest where good people of Norway were invited to vote on which national hero should be painted on their airlines tail fins.

Well, they probably thought that the winner would be some famous artist of movie star, but to their horror, the leading person at the moment is Oystein Aarseth.

For those of you who do now know, Aarseth who is popular by the name of Euronymous of the black metal band Mayhem. Aarseth was murdered by his formed bandmate, Count Grishnack who was a member of the band Burzum.

Both the men were in limelight due to their heinous acts such as church burnings. They also used to wear real human skull fragments as jewellery.

Today is the last day for voting, but from the looks of it, Euronymous will be on display of the airline’s tail fins. I wonder what would be the reaction of the good people of Norway.

3 thoughts on “Norwegian Air Shuttle Marketing Disaster

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  • M. Saarnivala

    Dear Author,

    I believe that you have completely and utterly missed the point. Who would have heard about the vote at all (even outside the good country of Norway) wihtout Mr. Aarseth leading? Of course we can’t tell exactly how much more publicity has this little odd piece of voting statistics given to the airline but for sure it has increased it significantly.

    The point is – you got your title for the article wrong. This is not a marketing disaster – it’s a marketing jackpot, bullseye and triumph all in one!

    • Future Digital Marketing

      That’s another angle to look at it which I didn’t think. Thanks for pointing it out. It indeed did bring a lot of publicity for the airlines. But what about the fact when they actually would have to put the picture of Aarseth on their tail fins…Wonder how the people of Norway feel about it.


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