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MegaUpload Founder Denied Bail

Recently the founder of one of the biggest file sharing website MegaUpload was arrested in New Zealand. United States has been making a lot of efforts to extradite the mastermind who is accused for Internet piracy and money laundering, but all their attempts have been in vain so far. The charges put on him are serious and can take considerable amount of time.

According to US authorities, Dotcom’s file sharing site has made $175 millions since 2005 by copying and distributing pirated movies, music and videos. However, Dotcom’s lawyers have claimed that the company was simply offering a platform for storage, it has no control on the type of content uploaded by various users.

Kim Dotcom, a German national also known as Kim Schmitz, will be held in custody in New Zealand until 22 February ahead of a hearing of a US extradition application.

Whatever happens to Dotcom will be decided later by the New Zealand court, but this brings us to question the way content on Internet is rotated. Right now as well there are hundreds of websites that share pirated content and are making a lot of money from it as well. Till how long the government will continue closing down such websites is something to be seen in future. Unless the users take a strong approach and stop posting pirated content, it would be almost impossible for any government to curtail the piracy on the web.

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