Is Your Site Over Optimized?

Digital marketing and search engine optimization is nothing new. Most of us have heard about it. However, if practiced in a spammy way even though not intentionally can harm you on Google.

A recent Panda update which came somewhere between 17-20 Jan, again affected almost 1-2% of English sites and left many people crying for their drop in search engine rankings.

We spoke to few people who are into SEO, a lot of them saw this update affecting their sites and one important reason they reported was over optimization of anchor text of inbound links. One of our known agency, James Blake, reported that several of their client sites which were old and not touched since ages, experienced this.

It’s weird how a strategy which fetched unexpectedly good rankings for websites few years back is now a result for their fall. Only time can tell how soon these sites will be able to recover from rankings.

Till then let’s wait and watch what the next Panda update brings for us!

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