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Iconic Dress of 50,000 Gummy Bears

New Magazine has come up with its collection of designer’s most iconic gowns and among it is one dress that stood out of the box.

Designed by Alexander McQueen in the Summer 2008 collection is the most legendary colorful dress known as the “Parrot Dress”. I guess the dress was so eye-catching that another fashion magazine editor, Hissa Igarashi along with his fashion assistant Sayur Marakumi recreated the same dress using 50,000 gummy bears.

If they wanted to make a fashion statement then nothing better than the colorful gummy bears to recreate the dress.

The dress took 3 weeks to make. First the dress was created out of steel wire and was covered with a sheet of vinyl.

It was later hand glued with 50,000 gummy bears to form a rainbow pattern.

The dress is attractive to look and a wonderful memory of the earlier dress and best part, it is edible as well.

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