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Have Your PPC Ads Lost the Charm they Once Had?

PPC ads unlike SEO are very dynamic. If not optimized with the changing trends and time, they will become ineffective and fail to generate conversions as they used to.

With the changing consumer trends and new technologies, it becomes very important to review the old ads and update them to make them more trendy.

Here are some of the tips that can help you make your ads more attractive and increase the number of clicks:

  • Market Research – Observe, Listen and Learn. In today’s consumer driven market, it is very important to keep your eyes and ears open and listen to what the social users are saying. People tend to search on net and read reviews before they take upon any buying decision. So, read and understand your target market and customize ads accordingly.
  • Make Copies Worth Clicking – The market has become so competitive that unless you don’t have something eye catching, people will not even look at what you are saying and discard it like redundant noise. Write something that can instantly catch reader’s eye, compelling them to click on your ad. Just don’t study your competitor’s ad and made a similar ad copy for yourself. It is a very high chance that even your competitors might not be doing it right!
  • Have An Offer, Why Not Share it? If you have an offer that you have currently, then definitely put it in your ad copy. People are often looking for “free shipping”, “cheap rates”, “discounted rates”, etc. You can always made your offer text bold thereby making it more prominent than the rest of the text.
  • Include Keywords – If people are seeing your ads for the keywords that they type, then why not reiterate it in your ad copy as well so that they really know that this is something that they searched for and should click. You can also use Dynamic keyword insertion in your ads to customize the ads for each keyword.
  • Use Custom URL’s – It is a common practice to display the home page URL in the ad copy. But, using custom display URL in your ad copy can generate more clicks for you. Tell the users that this is what you are offering and not a generic page.

Hope you can use these guidelines to generate better ad copies and more clicks. Good luck!

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