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Insight into the Digital Marketing Trends of 2012

January 27, 2012


The entire world sits on the brick of slow economic depression but the realm of Internet has neither been affected nor does it show any possible signs in the coming future as the whole web is emerging as the paramount marketing place with more people coming online with the social networking sites and pacified by the ever increasing online store. New marketing trends are on the boom and savoring big booms of success. Some of the latest marketing trends emerging in the latest years are:


  • Google Adsense and other advertising incentives: The latest Google’s advertisement incentive with Google Ad sense and cost per click has shown highest growth in the advertisement sector. The social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are also relishing huge profits with additional advertisement raking on their online pages.
  • Contemporary publicizing through social networks: The Google “+1s” and the latest Facebook pages for “Talking about this” are emerging as the latest trend to promote the products online and get maximum consumer attention and maximize the product sales and enhance brand value. The online site Facebook also provide pay-per-click advertisement facility by placing ads in the profile pages.
  • Blogs, Product reviews and improved ads: With latest trends of making online money by taking share in the selling of product has led to the rise of ever-increasing blogs on thousands of topics and product reviews. The blogs and product reviews help increase product popularity and increase the online vending with benefits to the product enterprise and the blogger.
  • Articles, SEO and HTML 5: The online articles with SEO content and the latest HTML 5 version of web pages have helped in increasing product rankings and making it available to a wide range of consumers. This trend will continue to grow in 2012 as well.

The internet is fast emerging as the golden web of fortunes and trends to make fast cash. The latest trends of blogging are not only attracting interest as they are generating cash through Google ad sense, pay-per-click incentives and sharing profits with product sells but also helping in product promotion and online brand values.

The latest online marketing trends will not only help companies get out though these tough years of recession but also help improve and standardize the realm of internet with emerging online marketing stores and as a complete hub of online product store.

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Google Adsense Domain Owners Can Now Pick Templates

May 24, 2011


Google Adsense allows domain owners to pick templates for domains.

Adsense for DomainsGoogle Adsense for Domains’ self-service system now allows users to select a template for their domain names.

The service has been testing templates with various pictures for many months, but until now users didn’t have control over which templates were selected.

Currently, Google only has 6 generic types of available templates, Daisy, Beach, Bank, Legal, Business and Education.

You also have an option of selecting text only format for the landing page, although Google recommends that you let Google decide which type of template works best for your domain.

Google is finally trying to catch up with the established domain parking brands such as SEDO who have 100’s of templates to offer to their clients. But still its a first step by Google, hopefully we should be able to see more templates in time to come.


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