Google’s iPad Killer to Come in 6 Months?

Yesterday I read on FoxNews that Google is coming up with their very own iPad killer in the next six months. The news cannot be taken as a rumor as it was said by Google’s executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt.

It is not surprising though. When smartphones became popular and Apple came up with iPhone, Google soon came up with Droid and Nexus. It seems to me that Google is becoming more of a company that waits and watches the latest toys in the market and once one of them becomes a hit, Google quickly jumps into making something similar.

Google’s strategy is pretty clear. Make gadgets bundled with its Droid OS and try to get as much market share as possible. Let’s see how much this will be a success. Personally Google has failed to make any significant mark in the hardware market so far, so it will be interesting to see what happens to Google’s tablet.

Another milestone in the war between Apple and Google.. 6 months to go!

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