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Google Adsense Domain Owners Can Now Pick Templates

Google Adsense allows domain owners to pick templates for domains.

Adsense for DomainsGoogle Adsense for Domains’ self-service system now allows users to select a template for their domain names.

The service has been testing templates with various pictures for many months, but until now users didn’t have control over which templates were selected.

Currently, Google only has 6 generic types of available templates, Daisy, Beach, Bank, Legal, Business and Education.

You also have an option of selecting text only format for the landing page, although Google recommends that you let Google decide which type of template works best for your domain.

Google is finally trying to catch up with the established domain parking brands such as SEDO who have 100’s of templates to offer to their clients. But still its a first step by Google, hopefully we should be able to see more templates in time to come.


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