Jerry Seinfeld’s New Personal Website Launching on Friday

The Internet has proved to be a promising medium for stand-up comedians looking to preserve their legacy or create a channel to keep their comedy alive.

Yet, there are very few comedians who has been able to truly capture the power of Internet. Twitter and blogs have become common, but still not many of them have their very own portal to put up their acts online.

Jerry Seinfeld has also planned to enter the Internet world to reach his fans, by launching his own personal website – This website aims to be a repository for almost all the videos of the comedy performances given by him.

“I really thought, ‘Where’s my stuff going to be when I’m dead?” Seinfeld said Tuesday in an interview with the New York Times. “Is it just gone for all time? Who could sift through it? I thought, I should filter this out and be the judge of what I thought was good.”

Here is a man curating his own comedy legend to the benefit of his fans.

For the site Mr. Seinfeld has opened his vault and come back with more than 1,000 clips of his stand-up act and comedic interviews. One segment dates to 1977, when Mr. Seinfeld, wearing glasses and wide lapels and speaking with a distinct Noo Yawk accent, made his television debut on “Celebrity Cabaret.” The others range from his first network television appearance, on a 1981 broadcast of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” (an occasion whose 30th anniversary coincides with the site’s opening day) to the present.

But each day the Web page will offer only three of these videos, chosen by Mr. Seinfeld, a strategy that reflects his theories about online content as well as his concerns about what he called “portion control.”

“I don’t want everything,” he said. “Burger King now has a burger where you decide how many patties. How disgusting is that? That’s the problem right there. That’s the cultural moment that I am repudiating here.”

If this becomes a success, we could soon see many others comedians following his trail.

So till Friday comes, we bring  you some of the famous clips from his comedy acts.

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