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Ybrant Digital Launches New Facebook Quality Control Center

Ybrant Digital, the global digital marketing company, today launched the Facebook Quality Control Center. It is a new technology solution for enabling compliance with Facebook’s latest regulations for advertising on apps.

The QCC was built on AppNexus, which is a real time ad platform for ad networks. It is designed to protect the user experience and ensure that only the most relevant and acceptable ads are shown to the visitors. This technology will be an attractive option for publishers that are interested in relevant display inventory. QCC also offers a “plug and play” solution for Facebook Application publishers.

Facebook published its new quality control regulations for application advertising in Dec 2010 and also drew out the terms for serving display ads on Facebook. As per the new requirements, users are allowed to remove ads and also provide feedback on why they did so.

“Facebook has designed its entire advertising system around the principles of authenticity and quality that advertisers must share in order to be shown on Facebook’s Social Ads,” said Jacob Nizri, Ybrant Digital’s president. “Facebook has decided to apply similarly high standards to the display inventory of its independent applications operators and AppNexus and Ybrant Digital were able to come up quickly with a highly-effective technology solution.”

Using this technology, Ybrant now overlays an “X” in the upper right of each creative thereby allowing Facebook users to close the ad and flag it. Upon closing, the users is asked to respond a short, voluntary survey about the ad. This feedback is then sent to Ybrant Digital’s QCC which is then shared with the advertisers to help them improve their ads.

It sure is a good move by Ybrant and will help the advertisers a lot. How successful it will be, only time can tell.

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