Why Google+?

Google, the most popular website is getting all worked up about the increasing popularity of its rival Facebook. That’s why it keeps on trying again and again to get some market share in the social web. After numerous failed attempts like Orkut, Wave and Buzz, Google has not lost hope and this time things look promising for the search giant.

Google+ is the new buzz word and an another attempt at taking down Facebook. This time it looks as if Google has got itself something to look forward to. Just like it increased the popularity of Gmail, Google has adopted the same marketing strategy and is letting Google+ spread virally. You cannot just go and signup unless you have an invite. The human tendency of wanting to be part of something which is open only to the priviledged has made a big buzz word in the social web with people hunting around for invites. Even though it has slightly over a million users so far which is not even close to 750 Facebook users, but watch out for the network effect which can make it most popular.

First look and you would feel that you are on some Facebook skin site. Posts, News Feed, +1 button and all will give you the nostalgic feeling of using Facebook with a different UI. But dig a little more and you would find a very big difference – Circles.

On Google+ you can simulate the social circles of your real life in to Google Circles. You can categorize your friends, acquaintances, Family, etc. The possibilities are unlimited and you can create any circle that you want just like you would do in your real life.

Moreover, unlike Facebook where there is no option of selecting with whom to interact, in Circles, everytime you share a photo, a post or a link, you have an option of selecting which circle receives it. You get to share things only with people who deserve to know without broadcasting to 500 odd people who have no business knowing your personal activities.

The best feature is the hangouts. Its like videoconferencing wherein up to 10 people can join a chat at the same time using their web cams. There is even a Youtube button that lets everyone watch Youtube videos on a big screen just like you would do in a movie theater.

Even though its integration with other third party sites and apps is awaited, but I would say this time Google has a winner. Personally I would prefer to switch from Facebook to Google+ unless Facebook comes up with something even better.

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