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How Females Communicate Online

Most of the women use web to share content, their experiences and in marketing words, for spreading word-of-mouth. Some key influencer groups rely more on online communication than any other medium. Some even use social networking sites  as a major communication tool to spread the word about the brands.

AOL and Bovitz Research Group categorized the online female population down into several segments based on their values, habits and characteristics.

The research suggested that the smallest groups were the most active online and contributed the most to online word-of-mouth. social expressionistas that make up 8% of the total online female population, most likely use Internet as a way to express their views and they prefer to interact with people similar to them.

Some other groups are shosessives (7%), businesswireds (15%) and alpha trendsetters (13%), prefer to spread the word around brands more, but they are less likely to do it on web.

Online and Offline Communication Activities of US Female Internet Users, by Identity Segment, March 2011 (% of respondents in each group)

Social expressionistas’ love of spreading the word online is very much related to their love of social networking sites. Nearly nine in 10 social expressionistas said social networks were their favorite type of site, 13 percentage points above the next group, alpha trendsetters.

US Female Internet Users Who Say Social Networks Are Their Favorite Sites*, by Identity Segment, March 2011 (% of respondents in each group)

As per the report, the best way for marketers to encourage buzz among social expressionistas is to make them part of a dialogue and give them the opportunity to play with brand assets and use them to create their own content.

Alpha trendsetters participate less in online discussions, but they prefer to spread the word about brands, and be the first ones to know about it. Thus, the best strategy for this group would be to give them early access to new items, like sneak peaks.

Well, this study clearly tells a lot about the digital marketing strategies to be used while targeting online female population. Hope marketers can get some use out of it.


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