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Elon Musk Has Won The Bid For Twitter Platform – $44 Billion

The world was eagerly waiting for this huge update and here it is! The business tycoon Elon Musk has become the sole proprietor of Twitter and bought it for $44 Billion. The talk about buying Twitter was ON for a long time and the Twitter board was not ready to accept the offer. But finally, the day has arrived when votes cast by the board members turned in favor of musk and were ready to accept the bid of  $44 Billion. 

Elon Musk has made few promises to the public. Let’s take a look at that in gist –

  1. Freedom of speech on Twitter
  2. Removal of bots and multiple accounts created by a single user
  3. Open sourcing the twitter algorithm

These promises have been a great push for Musk to get into Twitter. He recently conducted a poll on these promises and the public reciprocated with a huge response. It seems like even the public is in support of the change. Let’s hope that his onboarding will change the Twitter experience for everyone. Catch up with the latest future digital marketing trends from our site

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