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Beware of These Popular Counterfeit Items

When online piracy of digital data is so popular, how can the good market be behind. Well, we all like to watch online pirated videos but we sure don’t want to buy expensive iPad only to go home and see it was a fake. But beware as these things are huge and it has become a big business in USA. Customs and Border Protection snagged around 25,000 shipment of counterfeit goods valued at $178.9 million total last year.

So, let’s look at some of the top counterfeit goods that you should be very cautious before buying:

  • Electronics – This is the best-seller and has the biggest market. The customs once seized an iPad which had an Android OS running. But unlike these others are difficult to detect, the changes are so subtle that even the original manufactures will have the hard time detecting it.
  • Shoes – Beware shoe lover. Everyone is aware of Nike and Reebok fakes, but now this market has grown a lot. All luxury brands like Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo which are sold for more than $600 are available for cheap in the fake market.
  • Drugs – This according to me is the worst. Counterfeit drugs, from prescription pills to over-the-counter medications can be really dangerous as they are most likely not manufactures according to FDA’s standards and also do not contain the right amount of ingredients.
  • CD’s and DVD’s – I don’t think I need to say more. We all probably have bought those at some point or the other.
  • Clothes – Clothing items especially branded jeans and sports jerseys are hit on the market. Usually the fabric and zipper would be of cheaper quality and thus, the low cost. Something which can be tough to detect.

Well, this is not surprising but we all should get our alarms ringing when we find someone selling a $500 worth item for $100. Be alert and save yourself from fake.

For more items, check out the complete article at CNN.

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