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Adobe Scene 7 2011 Survey on Digital Marketing – key Findings

The latest survey by Adobe has come called “Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade”.  This is Adobe’s fifth annual quantitative study to identify various online enhancements the marketers are investing in to provide better customer experience and to improve conversions.

Different businesses worldwide were asked to mark the executions that they currently deploy to propose to deploy in future in categories including analytics, digital advertising, mobile, personalization, rich media and merchandising, and social media. They were even asked to vote on how they deployments were impacting their conversion ratio. This year the survey measured a total of 109 tactics. A record number of 1,941 respondents participated in the survey, more than triple of last year’s.

The key findings of the survey include:

  • 73% of the businesses surveyed said that they plan to invest in website redesign or make some enhancements to improve their website ROI. 82% of them planned to make these changes within this year.
  • The most deployed tactics globally are analytics, social media and rich media/merchandising, whereas mobileapps, social executions and rich media are among the top planned.
  • The most deployed tactic used globally is Analytics tools for measuring and optimizing website experiences. This is used by 55% of the survey participants.
  • Mobile cracks the top planned deployments for the first time since the survey first began measuring its executions in 2009, suggesting the channel is finally finding its audience after years of hype. This year, iPhone apps are the most planned deployment, cited by 27% of the respondents. It shares the top spot withinteractive catalogs, which leads planned deployments for the second year in a row. Just behind are iPad apps, advertising on social networking sites and branded social community pages, each cited by 25% of therespondents.
  • Among the low single digit deployments, mobile has the highest planned execution rates. This is mostly true for Android smartphones and tablet apps. With a 4% deployment rate for Androidsmartphone apps, and 3% for Android tablets, their planned deployments are a respective 23% and 18%.Other planned mobile executions with planned rates around 20% include mobile-optimized websites and interactive catalogs.

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