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Adidas and Their Shackle Shoes Rouses Racism

I have seen big companies come up with weird projects, but this one tops the list. Adidas has come up with a new pair of sneakers that have orange rubber band shackles fixed to the back of the sneakers. Thus, the name of the sneakers is “shackle shoes” which ended up creating a lot of fuss for its racist connotation.

adidas shackles sneakers

According to Reverend Jesse Jackson, it is like an attempt to commercial and make popular 200 years back time when the blacks were treated as slaves and thus the ad is appalling and intensive.

Initially Adidas defended the design of the shackle shoes, but later it said that it will remove those sneakers.

However, the photograph is still posted on the Facebook page of Adidas, so not sure when they are going to remove the shoes.

I personally think that what was Adidas thinking before coming up with such a disaster design, maybe they just wanted to grab headlines and do some publicity.

I don’t think Adidas intended to hit back at Slavery but it sure could use a better design and color, Orange, really!!!!

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