Google Has New Improved Form for Reporting Webspam

Internet is overflowing with the number of websites. Countless websites are coming up everyday and a lot of them are just spam websites used either for link farming or adsense. It usually gets frustrating to actually hunt through these websites and get to the ones that are real.

Now you can report these websites as Webspam, i.e. those sites that violate the Google’s webmaster guidelines and use some black hat tricks to get ranked higher. Google now has a improved webspam reporting form where it is very easy to report a spam and also enables Google to keep its index clean.

Here are some of the features of the new webspam reporting form:

  • You can report various types of search issues. Paid links, Copyright issues, Objectionable content, Malware Phishing are some of the issues that you can report. In the previous form, users didn’t have many options to select and thus, most of the time they ended selecting others. Google identified this to cause delay in the process of marking a website as spam and thus, it hopes that with the introduction of more nuclear choices, it will be able to make this process faster.
  • There are helpful links to understand each issue better. With each of the option, there is a corresponding link which users can click to get more understanding about that particular spam. For those who might be worried whether their website is violating any guidelines or not can also now go and read the help section and improve their websites.
  • There is a customized thank you page having multiple options. It tells the users what happens to the spam website they submitted. It also provides an option to report more spams and gives information on how one can block certain websites from appearing in their personalized search results.

It is a good initiative to keep the search indexes clean and healthy, but it also now creates new implications on webmasters in terms of improving the quality of their websites. If reported to Google, they can find themselves in deep trouble. Time for everyone to clean their websites and not be part of the spam activities.

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