Google Analytics New Look

Google Analytics has now implemented the new look to all the analytics account and one the first look it ain’t looking pretty. For users like me who have been using analytics since the time it was launched will be in for some shock… First look and I can say navigation is not that user friendly anymore but the other added features surely compensate for it.

  • Dashboard – Those of you who were tired to select  “show 50 rows” on the dashboard to be able to see all their accounts will be in for a treat. All your accounts are listed on one page and you just need to select which account you wish to go to.
  • Real time reporting – No need to wait for 2 hours for analytics to update its data. You can now see in real time what is happening on your website. Reports are updated within seconds of an event happening on your website.
  • Multi channel funnel – With this option you can find out which channels your customers interacted with 30 days prior to your making the purchase.
  • Mobile reporting – Finally its here. I was wondering that with the usage of mobiles increasing so much why hasn’t Google done something about it. Well, the new Google analytics now has mobile reporting allowing you to understand how your mobile visitors are treating your website. You can also see which mobile devices are being used and it can be beneficial to optimize for those devices.

If you are not impressed, you can always switch back to the old version but I’m not sure for how long the old version will be made available. So try the new analytics and let me know what you think!

One thought on “Google Analytics New Look

  • Real time reporting will be a huge plus along with mobile reporting. Great changes!


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