China Blocks Google +

Just a day after its release of Google + feature, China decided to block it as per the country’s strict censorship practices.

To beat its rival Facebook, Google has launched a new social media product called Google+. It is currently in an invitation only test phase.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have been increasingly used in the past few years to denounce authoritarian regimes and their repression of the population. In countries which have huge communal tension like Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, social media has been instrumental in orchestrating political uprisings and denouncing the use of violence by security forces.

Fearing that the new social media tool will be widely used, the Chinese communist regime has banned its citizens from accessing Google+.

However, Google is yet to respond on this.

China has tried to ban Google and its products many times in the past. Google has complained that governments such as this are trying to curb down the Internet freedom.

China has already blocked Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and FourSquare. With this, I suppose it would be futile to even fight a battle with Chinese government.

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