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Lijit Networks to Hire Up to 30 Salespeople

A Colorado based startup, Lijit Networks, that provides analytics and advertising services for small and medium size businesses is hiring up to 30 salespeople.

Lijit Networks, which closed a $10 million financing round led by Boise, now has a total funding of $27 million and plans to use the funds to build a 40 person team.

The CEO, Todd Venon, said that the company will hire at all levels of experience, including freshers. “Most of all, we want people who have empathy for the online publisher’s plight,” he said. “They need to be able to talk to them on a business level and really care about them.”

The recruits will be responsible for reaching out to medium-sized blogs and websites to see a product that helps measure traffic. Although the bulk of the hiring will be in Boulder, Vernon said he is “not opposed” to hiring people in other cities.

Compensation structure is heavily leveraged. Those in entry level positions can expect to earn $24,000 annually in base salary. If they meet quota, they can earn $50,000 or more. The company is also looking for senior-level sales hires.

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