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Microsoft Lays Off 200 Employees from Marketing Division

February 6, 2012

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Since recession begun, American companies are busy laying off people. In recent turn of events, Microsoft has laid off roughly 200 people from their marketing department including their Chief Creative Officer Gayle Troberman. She is the one who came up with “I’m PC” campaign to counter Apple’s Mac vs PC ad and has been working with Microsoft for 16 years now.

According to Microsoft, due to low revenues, they plan to shift creative advertising responsibility to the product teams of Bing, Xbox and Windows.

Apparently, this move has been decided by the newly installed chief marketer Chris Caposella who led marketing for product group office before taking bigger responsibilities.

The layoffs will include people from Microsoft’s consumer-marketing group and business group.

Let’s see how this moves helps microsoft with alignment of marketing with the business needs. It maybe a good move to involve the product team to plan marketing, but how creative they can be, only time will tell.

But it is really disappointing to see that layoffs still continue when people are trying to be optimistic about getting out of recession.

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Microsoft Brings Bing Deals

September 26, 2011


On September 23, Microsoft launched a desktop site for its daily deals aggregation service Bing deals that features more than 200,000 daily deals from deal sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr, Zozi and Gilt City and merchants such as Nordstrom, Target and Zappos.com.

The market for deal sites is increasing tremendously and with the last move by Google launching Google Offers.

Microsoft is no different. It displays daily top deals based on where the person is located or what they have searched.

According to Comscore, the deals seeking audience grew by 24% last year and Microsoft aims to tap this growing audience market. According to Microsoft, Bing Deals will help provide people with more targeted deals and reduce deal spam faced by users with non-stop irrelevant deals that they keep getting in their mail.

The deal market is already very saturated with big competitors such as Yipit, Savings.com taking the bigger market chunk. However, Microsoft claims that Bing Deals offers the feature of filtering the deals by retailer, location, keywords and category thereby filtering out the irrelevant deals.

It would be interested to see how Bing Deals gives a competition to Google Offers. At the end of the day, the number of users using Bing and Google is what will matter. Bing has just 14% of search market share compared to 60% of Google which will be tough for Microsoft to make Bing Deals a hit.

Users interested in using Bing Deals can either go to home page of Bing from their desktops or m.bing.com from mobiles.

Have you tried Bing Deals yet?

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