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Facebook Comes Up With Facial Recognition Technology

Facebook has quietly rolled out a facial recognition technology that will automatically identify users’ pictures to their friends in UK and “most countries”.

Facebook announced the Tag Suggestions in a blog post in December when it rolled out the technology in USA. There was no mention of the plans of expanding it in other countries.

However, yesterday, the software firm, Sophos, mentioned in a blog post that “now might be a good time to check your privacy settings.”

Facebook users keep tagging photos all the time. If the system automatically recognized the user’s face in the photo, it will give the uploader the option to tagging that user. It will make the job of tagging lot more easier.

This feature is available by default, thus, users who do not wish to be tagged automatically need to login to their privacy settings and opt out of automatically tagging option.

Facebook said in a statement, “We should have been more clear with people during the roll-out process when this became available to them. Tag Suggestions are now available in most countries and we’ll post further updates to our blog over time.”

Though the timings for the rollout for all the users is not yet available.

Not sure how people react to this update. It feels kind of spooky to me, I know for sure that I’m one user which will opt out of automatically being tagged. What about you?

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