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Know When to Stop in Social Media

Most of the businesses have not realized the power of social media and have made their presence on at least Facebook and Twitter. But sometimes, even the digital giants get stuck as to how much more presence is required.

While  some companies prefer to have just one corporate identity, some companies want to create one identity for every branch or department. So, the key question comes, do we need multiple identities, or should we have one universal identity and merge all others into the same umbrella.

The question is pretty straightforward, but the answer is not. Depending upon the nature of your business and the types of customers, the social media strategy differs.

For some corporate houses, like JetBlue, where the point of interaction is one, it is beneficial to have a single presence. A single profile makes the customers to connect in a better way as it avoids confusions and even create a huge followers. Such a strategy helps users who have a small or medium size business.

On the other hand, companies who have a worldwide presence, and who have different branches or departments catering to different services, it makes more sense to have multiple profiles. For e.g. consider Dell who has stores all over the world. Now a store in UK cannot have similar promotions to store in USA and thus, they need different profiles, one for UK customers and one for USA customers.

If we categorize the businesses who would benefit from multiple profiles, we will broadly get the following:

  • Businesses having different departments: For e.g. Dell has a separate channels for their different departments, one for corporate Dell, one for Education Dell, one of  SMB Dell, etc. Each channel delivers content relevant to that department so as to make proper connection with the followers.
  • Different Geography and Languages: We can consider the Dell example that I had explained earlier regarding Dell having different profiles for the different regions where they operate.
  • Localized business: For e.g. Walmart who has stores in almost all the states and cities in USA. It will make more sense for them to open profiles for their localized stores to help connect with their local customers personally.

Depending upon the social media strategies, companies can have multiple profiles. The above is just few pointers for businesses, but the key is that if you do opt for multiple social media accounts, remember to maintain them. It makes no sense if you open many accounts and let me stagnate. The goal is to connect with your customers, whether you do it using single channel or multiple channels, eventually it should be accomplished.

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