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Yahoo Again Having Issues with the CEO?

May 14, 2012


Since 2009 search giant Yahoo has been unable to get a stable CEO on board. First it was Carol Bartz and now it is Scott Thompson. Carol was fired due to a poor performance while Scott resigned within 4 months of his tenure due to the scandal with his resume last week.

I wonder that a company as big as Yahoo who just cannot find the right CEO to run the operations, how does it intend to stay in competition with big competitors such as Google. I think it’s time they sit down and find the right person once and for all.

Thompson’s resume wrongly stated that he received an accounting and computer science degree in 1979 however, he only received accounting degree. A mistake which cost him his job as the CEO of Yahoo. The 54 year old Scott, apologized but it was probably too late as on Sunday Yahoo announced their interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn.

Looks like the company is in a lot of trouble, falling search market share, decline in ad revenue and now CEO’s changing so frequently. Let’s just hope for the best for the company!

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Google Launches Hotel Finder

August 2, 2011

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When Google had purchased ITA, everyone anticipated Google to overtake Yahoo Travels and become of the leading destinations of travel information. But nothing much happened, but now it looks like Google would be planning for a strong footmark in the web travel world. It’s most recent experimental tool, the Google Hotel Finder, maybe a beginning of the search giant into this industry.

So what is Google Hotel Finder?

Unlike its earlier unnecessary projects, this time Google has decided to come up with only the serious projects. First it was the recent launch of Google Plus and now Hotel Finder. So as you can expect, Hotel Finder is loaded with some serious features which sure can give a sore eye to its competitors.

To begin with, Google has made easy search of hotels, all you need to do is add the location name and zip code and it will give you the most relevant listings. Each hotel page is a combination of important data that is easy to go through with just a glimpse. There are shortcut keys as well to flip back and forth between the hotels. The best part is, just like bookmarks, you can shortlist hotels and compare them later on.

Now what’s in there for SEO experts and online marketers? Google Hotel Finder has deep integration with Google Places. So, you don’t really need to key in all the information about hotels again, all the information like images, reviews, rates, etc are imported from the Places page to the Hotel Finder. If you are promoting a hotel, then simply optimize for Google Places and you in turn would also be optimizing for Hotel Finder.

One another interesting feature is the visual map. Below is a screenshot of a map:

The areas with white highlights are popular tourist attractions and blue lines around them are generated automatically by Google. So, based on how convenient it is to go to these attractions, Google Hotel Finder pulls out the hotels.

The blue lines can be extended to cover any attractions you wish to receive. So, if you want to or don’t want to visit any attraction, simply drag the blue lines and get the hotels accordingly.

Right now, as expected with all Google products, it is only available for USA, but it would be nice to have it in other countries as well.

I feel Google has got itself a winner this time in the travel search market so let’s see how the success of this project shapes up.

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Are You Also Confused with the Increasing Social Media Sites?

July 25, 2011


Everyday, new and new social media websites come up to market your products, and your friends invite you to join them. I personally keep getting several mails from my friends asking me to join their network on websites whose names I have never heard. So, how do you go about screening the websites and using ones that are relevant to your interest.

Some sites are good in SEO and some are not. One of the most important indicator is the frequency of update of that website and how quickly it is being indexed by Google. Some of the tools that can come handy are Google Alerts, Yahoo Search Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools. Usually if your blog is good, the post would be picked by Google within 5-10 minutes of publishing. For instance, my blog is crawled almost instantly and I get an alert on Google alerts for my search terms i.e. “future digital marketing”.

So, if you have signed up for a social media website and it does not come up in Google alerts for few days, then it is not good for your SEO. Moreover, if the anchor links from those social media sites are not showing up in your Yahoo search explorer backlinks for 30 days, then you can be sure that the links from those websites will not count towards SEO and you can avoid spending your time on them unless you have a lot of it.

Sometimes the social networking sites would claim to give a boost to your networking circle. To test their potential, try to post some content on those website and see the comments and responses that you are getting. Put a dedicated email ID in that profile and track how many people are actually communicating with you through that website. If the response is low or of no quality then you can leave that website and make efforts on some other websites that would actually give you some benefit.

So good luck in the social media web space. If any of you marketers or webmaster have had experiences of getting invite from annoying social media sites, then do share those in the comments. Thanks for reading…

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