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Humans Flying in The Sky – Viral Marketing for Chronicle

January 31, 2012


If you are in NY, you probably saw humans flying in the sky over the city’s bridges. It’s an exciting concept, but I’m not sure I can comment how people reacted after seeing human planes. Were they scared or did they believe it was some flying angel or they were jealous that why they didn’t get an opportunity like this? In reality they are not real humans, but human shaped RC planes to create an illusion that humans are flying.

I’m not sure they actually imagined that this is a campaign for a movie where teenagers crush cars with their minds. Yet it is not really sure that what is the purpose for this video, but surely it seems probable that this video is part of the viral marketing campaign promoting the new movie Chronicle.

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Website That Runs Without Internet – Great Viral Concept

January 21, 2012

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If you are living in India then you probably have heard of Rajni power and the image that he holds in the cyber space of sms, Internet and web. To promote this image further, WebChutney has come up with a website dedicated to Rajnikanth that runs without Internet, it claims, it runs on Rajni power.

You can check it out yourself at www.allaboutrajni.com. Now the website is based on some complicated algorithm, but the concept is great. Since launch, it has been an instant hit. Talk about viral marketing, I see this as one of the best examples.

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New Age Viral Marketing – Kolaveri Di

December 7, 2011


Almost everyone by now has heard of the Kolaveri Di song. Like me, I’m sure many more marketers are wondering that what actually made the song go so viral. Not only in South India (which is the language in the song) but all across the globe people are watching it and talking about it. It’s not the song that is so entertaining but the video. You have to watch it to know what I mean. Now, this in my opinion is new age viral marketing. Make a song that is regional in nature, put it up on Youtube and talk about it everywhere. Soon people will start watching it. Once the views increase, others will watch just for the heck to know why others are watching. All in all I believe, regional songs do have a mass appeal.

Now personally the song is not very unique or grasping enough to watch it multiple times but if you listen to it for few seconds you are sure to start tapping your feet to the beats. If you haven’t heard it yet, here is the Kolaveri Di song for you:

The song is sad, but if you watch it you will surely find it hilarious…

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