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Social Media Cartoon

February 8, 2012

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Social media world has become such an integral part of our lives that sometimes it gets tough to imagine how life would be without Twitter and Facebook. I stumbled across a video today having a collection of humorous cartoons depicting our life in the social world. It’s funny and yet so true, check it out.

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Facebook Conversations Ignored by Brands

October 21, 2011

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When Facebook came up with the idea of offering business pages for brands, everyone jumped in the wagon and started building brand pages blindly. Now after few years, there are very few brands who are maintaining their pages and promoting conversations, most of the companies have either forgotten to update or are using FB page for just promoting their products.

What these companies fail to realize is that Facebook is a social networking channel whose primary goal is to communicate and build relations. One of the shocking revelations came from CEO of Socialbakers who mentioned in one of his posts about the lack of interactions brands have on their Fan Pages. Only 5% of wall posts by consumers are responded to.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that brands jumped in too quickly to get themselves on FB and probably wasn’t aware of how the page needs to be maintained. If you do not have a brand page, it is understandable, but having one and not using it in the right way is simply harmful for your reputation. It’s like having a contact us form and never responding to inquiries.

Check out the response rate of brands in various verticals below. You would be surprised to see the poor rates.

I’m not surprised to see that many companies have even disabled comments on their wall. What is the point of then having a Facebook page, you might as well be good with simply a website. For these companies having is a FB page is rather harmful to their own brand identity.

Here are some keys for owning a Facebook page:

  • If you cannot maintain a Facebook conversation, do not have a page in the first place.
  • Monitor what your consumers are saying, they have come to interact with you, do not let their messages go unattended.
  • Respond to negative comments properly, instead of deleting them or blocking comments.
  • Facebook is not a sales channel, do not just use it to post your promotions.
  • Use tools to monitor conversations, there are many of them out there.
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Are Your Consumers Changing Minds After Negative Reviews

October 15, 2011

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Reading online reviews and making a purchase decision based on them has become very common these days. People trust what other people say and experience.

But a recent study by Cone Communications reveals that 4 out of 5 consumers change their minds about recommended products based solely on the negative reviews that they find online. Compared to 2010, this number has increased by 67%, thus implying the strong influence these product reviews are having on consumers.

It’s not only the negative reviews, positive reviews do tend to influence the purchasing decisions. As per the results, 85% of people have said that they are more likely to buy the product if the reviews are positive.

While researching product information on websites is most popular, consumers are also moving towards rating websites and blogs of experts. The number of people who gather information from social networks and their friends is less compared to other places but is still significant.

However, one of the most interesting finding is that consumers tend to believe a source less trusthworthy if he/she has lot of followers or fans on social networks. I suppose people have started understanding that a lot of followers might not necessarily mean expertise, followers can be purchased also and exagerated numbers can be filled with fake accounts as well.

The growing impact of negative reviews on consumers is something that marketers should be watchful of. It takes less than 10 minutes for a disgruntled consumers to go online and post  negative things about a product. It now becomes very important for companies to keep their eyes open and read what is being said about their products online. If there is something negative, it is very important to reach out and make amends accordingly. Damage control is the new mantra.

Moving onwards it is imperative for brands to make your consumers your brand ambassador. Give them what they want, offer them satisfaction and they will do the publicity for you for free.

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Facebook Launching Brand Page Analytics Tool

October 4, 2011


Facebook is planning to launch an analytics tool to help companies measure the impact of their brand pages. The tool will be launched on 5th October.

Right now the maximum information that companies can draw from their FB page is how many people have liked it. While this is a good measure of popularity but it might not help marketers much as the numbers can also include people with fake profiles.

The most important number is to know how many people are interacting, how many people are posting comments on the wall.

According to Facebook, this new tool will enable the companies to track comments, impact of media spend and product performance.

Some of the statistics given by Grady Burnett, VP of global marketing solutions at Facebook, emphasized the importance of such a tool.

According to him, there are 800 million users of Facebook, out of which almost 50% login daily. An average user has 130 friends. Sixty-eight percent of consumers are more likely to remember an advertisement when it is linked with a friend’s name, for e.g. if there is an ad saying, “your friend has purchased this, will you like to try?”, it has high probability of being clicked.

With the new age marketing, it is very important to measure the value of interaction with the customers. With this tool, hopefully it will become easy for companies to know who is talking what thereby enabling them to make more customized messages as per their target audience.

More to review when the tool is actually launched.

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G-Male Imagines World Where Google Creates Perfect Boyfriend

September 6, 2011

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Comediva, a female comedy brand has released a comedy video entitled “G-Male”, in which it imagines a world where Google has created the perfect boyfriend.

The video is inspired by the growing dominance of Google and the launch of Google+.

“We wanted to satirize the idea that Google has taken over all aspects of our lives, so why not dating?” remarked “G-Male” Director and VP of Production for Comediva, Emily McGregor. “And like any clingy boyfriend, or any technology that is always hanging around, infiltrating our space, he’s really hard to break up with.”

Added Comediva President and Founder, Erika Cervantes: “The best thing about ‘G-Male’ is that he’s acutely aware of what a woman wants because he is the data driven type. He has basically analyzed each and every little thing to maximize the boyfriend-girlfriend experience.”

You can view the video below:



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Are You Also Confused with the Increasing Social Media Sites?

July 25, 2011


Everyday, new and new social media websites come up to market your products, and your friends invite you to join them. I personally keep getting several mails from my friends asking me to join their network on websites whose names I have never heard. So, how do you go about screening the websites and using ones that are relevant to your interest.

Some sites are good in SEO and some are not. One of the most important indicator is the frequency of update of that website and how quickly it is being indexed by Google. Some of the tools that can come handy are Google Alerts, Yahoo Search Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools. Usually if your blog is good, the post would be picked by Google within 5-10 minutes of publishing. For instance, my blog is crawled almost instantly and I get an alert on Google alerts for my search terms i.e. “future digital marketing”.

So, if you have signed up for a social media website and it does not come up in Google alerts for few days, then it is not good for your SEO. Moreover, if the anchor links from those social media sites are not showing up in your Yahoo search explorer backlinks for 30 days, then you can be sure that the links from those websites will not count towards SEO and you can avoid spending your time on them unless you have a lot of it.

Sometimes the social networking sites would claim to give a boost to your networking circle. To test their potential, try to post some content on those website and see the comments and responses that you are getting. Put a dedicated email ID in that profile and track how many people are actually communicating with you through that website. If the response is low or of no quality then you can leave that website and make efforts on some other websites that would actually give you some benefit.

So good luck in the social media web space. If any of you marketers or webmaster have had experiences of getting invite from annoying social media sites, then do share those in the comments. Thanks for reading…

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media?

July 20, 2011


Nowadays, most of organizations are promoting their brands through various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. But unfortunately most of them are unaware of how to use the full potential of the social media. So, should these companies outsource their social media to other agencies or manage in-house?

Many companies these days do not have the time or skills to manage such marketing channels and prefer to outsource their social media work. In such scenarios, there is a strong possibility that the company that manages the social media is not aware of the brand, culture or is not putting it forward in the right way. There is no harm to outsource the social media marketing work but it is very important to have an internal person who acts as an intermediary who is able to understand the good ideas and the bad ideas with respect to the company’s brand.

The head of Facebook in Australia and New Zealand, Paul Borrud, said marketing professionals talk a lot about “knowing your language and brand” so it would be difficult to manage social media completely external to the organisation.

Social media is not like a landing site or a microsite which can be put live for a short while and then forgotten. Social news and messages propogates instantly and can make or break a company’s reputation within seconds.

So, what do you think? Should companies outsource completely or manage in-house partially?

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Future Digital Marketing Strategies for Strartups

July 12, 2011


Have a new startup and feeling lost as to how to promote it? Well, you are not alone and it is very common for new entrepreneurs to be confused about how to promote their business.

Once you have done the planning and launched your business, the next important steps are to make a website and do its basic SEO. If you have the budget to spare, then you can also opt for paid advertisements like PPC.

Content and social media are incredibly important and must work together for the best results.

The following are some aspects of digital marketing that will help to ensure that you get the most optimal results for your digital marketing investments:


The old age saying does not go without a mention, “Content is King”. It is very important to write the proper content which can convince your customers and build trust. Some of the tips of making content appear compelling are:

  • It should be able to connect with the audience
  • It should be unique and relevant, no fluff
  • It should be transparent, include price, features and benefits
  • It should be up to date. Do not put expired content

Further to being compelling to human audiences, your website content must be equally compelling to search engines.

Social Media

Social media is now the new trend of the web 2.0 world and it drives most of the marketing strategies. The new businesses should definitely look into LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter depending upon their audience demographics.

How to properly merge content and social media?

The most important is the context. There needs to be a correlation between what you publish on your website and what you write on various social media platforms. This builds up trust and confidence in your audience and most likely helps them convert into your customers.

So, understand your customers and architect the content in a way that makes it relevant for them.

The blend of SEO, website, PPC, content and social media form a good recipe for the digital media strategy for startups.


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