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Build Sites with Quality Content Rather than Quality Links – Says Google

June 20, 2013


Since SEO started, focus has always been on building quality links for your website. People rush like mad building 100’s and 1000’s of links.

But that does not make sense, right. Even Google thought so and thus, it has come up with a new video which highlights that people should focus on building sites with quality content rather than focusing on building links.

Check out the video below to know more:

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Is Your Site Over Optimized?

January 24, 2013


Digital marketing and search engine optimization is nothing new. Most of us have heard about it. However, if practiced in a spammy way even though not intentionally can harm you on Google.

A recent Panda update which came somewhere between 17-20 Jan, again affected almost 1-2% of English sites and left many people crying for their drop in search engine rankings.

We spoke to few people who are into SEO, a lot of them saw this update affecting their sites and one important reason they reported was over optimization of anchor text of inbound links. One of our known agency, James Blake, reported that several of their client sites which were old and not touched since ages, experienced this.

It’s weird how a strategy which fetched unexpectedly good rankings for websites few years back is now a result for their fall. Only time can tell how soon these sites will be able to recover from rankings.

Till then let’s wait and watch what the next Panda update brings for us!

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Google Comes Up with “Where Do I Vote” Locator on Election Day

November 6, 2012


It’s the Election Day in USA and to mark this day on web, Google has come up with a special ballot box Doodle.

If you click on the logo, you will land up on the Google Voting Place Locator. You will be prompted to add your address to find the voting place.

This will end up to the special Google Elections page where your voting place would be displayed along with other important information. Check it out on Google.com.

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Feeling Sick? Check Google for Help!

February 15, 2012


If you are feeling sick then once again Google has come to your rescue. Just search for the symptoms you are feeling and Google will show up definitions of most probable health condition that you are suffering with. Try it out, I checked with words like headache and stomach pain and it showed me definitions from www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. It sure is not going to help you get cured, but it is one more step by Google of organizing information and bringing the most relevant information to the users at the top.

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Google’s Answer to Siri – Voice Majel Assistant

December 27, 2011


Google is all set to come up with its reply to the most hyped app for 2011, Apple’s Siri. The project codename is Majel and supposedly will be an update of the app “Voice Actions” for Android.

Now, it’s not exactly same as Siri wherein the phone responds to any question raised by the user. Majel performs certain actions based on preset commands, voice calling, texting, search and destination lookup. The present commands are very intuitive and language understanding is very clear. You can search many things, any restaurants, shop, send messages, make calls, get weather report, all by talking normally to your phone, the way you would do it with a friend.

For making Majel, Google purchased Clever Sense, company which created the app called “Alfred” that allows voice commands.

The success depends on what happens when Majel is launched. You never know, seeing the latest copyright lawsuits running, Apple might sue Google for copying Siri.

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Google’s iPad Killer to Come in 6 Months?

December 27, 2011


Yesterday I read on FoxNews that Google is coming up with their very own iPad killer in the next six months. The news cannot be taken as a rumor as it was said by Google’s executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt.

It is not surprising though. When smartphones became popular and Apple came up with iPhone, Google soon came up with Droid and Nexus. It seems to me that Google is becoming more of a company that waits and watches the latest toys in the market and once one of them becomes a hit, Google quickly jumps into making something similar.

Google’s strategy is pretty clear. Make gadgets bundled with its Droid OS and try to get as much market share as possible. Let’s see how much this will be a success. Personally Google has failed to make any significant mark in the hardware market so far, so it will be interesting to see what happens to Google’s tablet.

Another milestone in the war between Apple and Google.. 6 months to go!

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Google’s Most Searched List of 2011

December 16, 2011


End of 2011 is approaching and Google has released its annual Zeitgeist report for the most popular search terms of 2011.

Google also compared the searches of 2011 with that of 2010 to find out the emerging trends. YouTube sensation Rebecca Black was at the #1 spot for fastest rising term, followed by Google’s own social network Google+. Third spot was taken by Ryan Dunn who dies in a car crash this summer.

If you talk about the search terms alone, Apple dominated with taking almost all of the top spots. “iPhone 5”, “Steve Jobs”, “iPad 2” were all part of the top 10 list of the fastest rising search terms.

Globally cupcakes and Japan made to the top in their lists. Cupcakes was at the top of the food list while “東京 電力” (TEPCO, owners of the Japanese nuclear power plant that was damaged by the earthquake earlier this year) became the first non-Latin term to make Google’s fastest-rising search list.

Check out the video for an overview of the report.

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Apple’s Siri – Big Threat to Google?

November 8, 2011


Technology keeps changing almost everyday. You buy a new phone today only to know that it’s upgrade would be launched in 3 months. Similarly, the mobile innovation giant Apple has upgraded the iPhone 4 and come up with the most hyped app, Siri which supposedly posses as a big threat to Google.

Siri is an intelligent assistant that can help you use computing technology in everyday life in a useful way. It brings together many technologies including natural language processing and semantic analysis. So far the tests and reviews have suggested that the technology works.

For people who have switched to Android thinking it has the major market share might be in for a loss with the Apple 4S. Siri is an effort of 5 years of research, 300 researchers and $200 million worth of grant. Apple bought Siri in April 2010 outbidding Google paying a huge price of above $200 million.

Siri is fun, exciting and very useful. I would say it is Steve Jobs’ one of the biggest success and innovation in the Apple. Siri has certain issues with Scottish accent but it can understand US, UK and Australian English as well as French and German. If you were to believe Apple, then it is expected to come up with support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Spanish by 2012.

Android supporters can say that Google also has Voice search, but it is just an app limited to the search functionality. I’m thinking that Google’s engineers would be working hard now to bring something similar to Siri, but definitely Siri has got the first mover advantage and it would take 2-3 years for its competitor to come.

With Siri, I suppose Apple will have an advantage in Smartphones similar to what Google has over MSN in search.

Gary Morgenthaler one of the original funders of the project before it was sold to Apple said that the current beta version could be compared to the Wright brothers plane and thats as far he thinks it has to go (see video).

We need to wait and see now how far speech recognition can go. There are no third party apps for this at the moment, but I’m hoping this would come out soon as well. Imagine if there were developers writing scripts for enhancing Siri for their websites. The possibilities of making Siri more intelligent would be huge then. We would have Siri in our homes. Just sit on the couch and command the TV to switch on and change channels, no remote, no buttons. People would get more and more lazy and probably the obesity rate would increase further.

Google has taken a big stab this time and from what the reports say, they are not taking it in the right spirit as well. One public announcement made by Google said, “your phone should not be your assistant”. People have now and again said negative things about technology which they cannot anticipate. Like the time when Wright brothers came up with flying machine, people said “why would we want to fly” and look at today’s generation. No one wants to walk or drive, everyone wants to fly.

Android might have many smartphones and biggest share, but Apple iPhone now has the cutting edge, it has undoubtedly proved itself again as the pioneer of innovation and creativity. Hats off to Steve Jobs and his team!

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