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Insight into the Digital Marketing Trends of 2012

January 27, 2012


The entire world sits on the brick of slow economic depression but the realm of Internet has neither been affected nor does it show any possible signs in the coming future as the whole web is emerging as the paramount marketing place with more people coming online with the social networking sites and pacified by the ever increasing online store. New marketing trends are on the boom and savoring big booms of success. Some of the latest marketing trends emerging in the latest years are:


  • Google Adsense and other advertising incentives: The latest Google’s advertisement incentive with Google Ad sense and cost per click has shown highest growth in the advertisement sector. The social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are also relishing huge profits with additional advertisement raking on their online pages.
  • Contemporary publicizing through social networks: The Google “+1s” and the latest Facebook pages for “Talking about this” are emerging as the latest trend to promote the products online and get maximum consumer attention and maximize the product sales and enhance brand value. The online site Facebook also provide pay-per-click advertisement facility by placing ads in the profile pages.
  • Blogs, Product reviews and improved ads: With latest trends of making online money by taking share in the selling of product has led to the rise of ever-increasing blogs on thousands of topics and product reviews. The blogs and product reviews help increase product popularity and increase the online vending with benefits to the product enterprise and the blogger.
  • Articles, SEO and HTML 5: The online articles with SEO content and the latest HTML 5 version of web pages have helped in increasing product rankings and making it available to a wide range of consumers. This trend will continue to grow in 2012 as well.

The internet is fast emerging as the golden web of fortunes and trends to make fast cash. The latest trends of blogging are not only attracting interest as they are generating cash through Google ad sense, pay-per-click incentives and sharing profits with product sells but also helping in product promotion and online brand values.

The latest online marketing trends will not only help companies get out though these tough years of recession but also help improve and standardize the realm of internet with emerging online marketing stores and as a complete hub of online product store.

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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Irritating Your Customers?

October 7, 2011

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The ever changing yet nascent digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace.

When it comes to digital marketing, the original goals of any digital strategy were to, “engage with customers”, “talk to them” and then build products most suited to their needs. Now, to achieve these goals, marketers listen, analyse and predict customer behavior in order to optimize their product offerings.

But all these strategies are focusing on the short term vision of how to please the customer right now. The long term implications of building the brand impact is missing in most places. Companies are using digital marketing mainly to run promotions, discounts and to target visitors who come on the websites. The marketing campaigns have become so autonomous that it lacks even the simplest human intelligence. Take for example Groupon, it does not even differentiate between its male and female customers and end up sending female spa offers to males.

Just by implementing anything and everything in order to keep pace with the digital world, companies are even forgetting the basics. The primary goal of giving customers what they want is now crushed by shoving off irritating ads on websites and in their emails.

Many marketers boast about how they have twitter followers and fan building on the social web. They talk about converting the talks into leads and monetizing the social popularity. While all this is good in the short term profit making but they forget the key aspect of marketing, “to maintain customer relations and satisfy their needs forever”. It means keeping track of the customers and helping the customer at every stage of their lifecycle.

Unfortunately what most of the companies are doing is that they focus on somehow making a web surfer click their ads and buy something. They will keep flashing their ads on the website until you get irritated and stop visiting that website forever.

On the other hand, advertising industry has always been the most creative. Every ad is different from the other ad. You cannot make the same ads for different companies or products. Similarly, in digital world you simply cannot make a generic marketing strategy. Each strategy needs to be custom made. All companies need digital marketing, period. But do all companies need the same type of digital marketing is what we need to question. Evaluate the products, the services, the IT infrastructure, the company size, types of customers, geographic culture, etc. Don’t let the digital marketing industry rot with old age methodologies, and bring an element of creativity with a lot term vision.

Digital marketing is not just about Google and Facebook, it goes way beyond it and this is what the marketers need to find out….what can I do in digital marketing so that my customers are not irritated by irrelevant ads…

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Econsultancy Holds Digital Marketing Events at Leeds Digital Festival 2011

September 29, 2011

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Econsultancy, one of the UK’s leading source of training for digital marketing professionals has decided to run three digital marketing events as part of the Leeds Digital Festival in November.

The three events are, “Fast Track Digital Marketing”, “Creating Great Video Content” and “Finding a Job in Digital Space”.

In addition to these events, Econsultancy will also offer a complimentary Video Strategies Best Practice Guide to all the Leeds Festival attendees.

Vivien Underwood, Training and Operations Manager at Econsultancy said; “Leeds is a vibrant digital city and we’re keen to offer more events in the region. The Leeds Digital Festival is a great initiative which has given us plenty of opportunity to show local businesses what we offer and provide the Leeds digital community with the necessary knowledge and resources. We’re thrilled to be involved throughout the month long event.”

Sessions take place as follows and can be booked through the Econsultancy website:

  • Fast Track Digital Marketing – 7th-8th November, £695 for Leeds Digital Festival attendees. Course leader: Tim Tucker
  • Creating Great Video Content– 9th November (8:30am-10:30am, including breakfast). £30 per person. Led by Stefan Aquarone
  • Finding a job in the Digital Space – 23rd November (2pm-3:30pm). Free to all. Led by Andrew Thomas, with a panel session including academics, industry professionals and an Econsultancy representative.

For more information, visit, http://econsultancy.com/training/in/leeds

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Adobe Scene 7 2011 Survey on Digital Marketing – key Findings

May 16, 2011


The latest survey by Adobe has come called “Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade”.  This is Adobe’s fifth annual quantitative study to identify various online enhancements the marketers are investing in to provide better customer experience and to improve conversions.

Different businesses worldwide were asked to mark the executions that they currently deploy to propose to deploy in future in categories including analytics, digital advertising, mobile, personalization, rich media and merchandising, and social media. They were even asked to vote on how they deployments were impacting their conversion ratio. This year the survey measured a total of 109 tactics. A record number of 1,941 respondents participated in the survey, more than triple of last year’s.

The key findings of the survey include:

  • 73% of the businesses surveyed said that they plan to invest in website redesign or make some enhancements to improve their website ROI. 82% of them planned to make these changes within this year.
  • The most deployed tactics globally are analytics, social media and rich media/merchandising, whereas mobileapps, social executions and rich media are among the top planned.
  • The most deployed tactic used globally is Analytics tools for measuring and optimizing website experiences. This is used by 55% of the survey participants.
  • Mobile cracks the top planned deployments for the first time since the survey first began measuring its executions in 2009, suggesting the channel is finally finding its audience after years of hype. This year, iPhone apps are the most planned deployment, cited by 27% of the respondents. It shares the top spot withinteractive catalogs, which leads planned deployments for the second year in a row. Just behind are iPad apps, advertising on social networking sites and branded social community pages, each cited by 25% of therespondents.
  • Among the low single digit deployments, mobile has the highest planned execution rates. This is mostly true for Android smartphones and tablet apps. With a 4% deployment rate for Androidsmartphone apps, and 3% for Android tablets, their planned deployments are a respective 23% and 18%.Other planned mobile executions with planned rates around 20% include mobile-optimized websites and interactive catalogs.

Deployed/Planned/Most Effective Online Tactics and Executions


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Digital Marketing Event by Ad:Tech

April 11, 2011


ad:tech, Technology and Advertising Event is going to make its first appearance in India. The first event would be launched in New Delhi on 27th and 28th April 2011 at The Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon. ad:tech has been providing media, marketing and technology professional with the tools and techniques required to succeed in a changing digital world for over a decade.

According to Rammohan Sundaram, Event Chairman at ad:tech India, “ad:tech aims to bring together professionals and thought leaders in the digital advertising and marketing space on a common platform to meet new partners, potential customers and network with service providers from the country.”

Digital advertising is growing at a very rapid pace and its interest in Indian markets is also growing rapidly. Thus, an event like this will definitely help marketers and other marketing professionals mingle with each other and share ideas.

The exhibition cum conference will include presentations by global experts like Babs Rangaiah, VP Global Communications Planning Unilever, Elisa Steele, CMO Yahoo Inc, David Fisher, Global VP of Advertising & Operations, Facebook, Pearl Uppal CEO of Fashionandyou.com, Rajan Anandan MD, Google India & Sav Evangelou Executive Creative Director, Digitas UK and a joint keynote from Joshua Maa & Takayuki Hoshuyama from Madhouse China and D2 Communications Japan respectively. Ram further adds that “Through the event, we aim to bring together creative/media agencies, digital media experts, product /brand managers, marketing heads, mobile service providers, media buyers and planners among others to discuss and deliberate on issues around the growth of digital marketing in India.”

The event is sponsored by big brands including Rediff.com, Vivaki, Indiatimes.com, Blyk, Microsoft Advertising, in.com, Ozone Media, SapientNitro, Yahoo!, 160×2, Communicate2, Deals and you, Magnon Solutions, Fashion and you, Hover.in, InMobi, Komli, Media Contacts, One97, The Wall Street Journal, Adtech, Ohana , Neilsen, Vdopia, Comscore, Ibibo, InMobi, and Vserve.

If you are part of digital world, then we hope to see you there!

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