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Twitter Plans to Offer Its Ad Products to 50 More Countries

June 23, 2012


By the end of 2012, we will be able to see marketers from 50 more countries start ad campaigns on Twitter. Twitter has announced that it will soon open its advertising products for more countries.

Among the first ones to receive the benefit would be Western European countries such as Germany and Spain, and Brazil.

For those of you who are not aware of, Twitter has three advertising products – promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts.

Twitter has a very huge user base and it is about time that they start using this base to generate more revenue.

It’s a good news for most of the marketers, let’s see how soon we can see this feature being rolled out.

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Online Marketing for Small Businesses – Case Study Bead Store

May 25, 2012


The web is full of small business websites and it is no surprise that everyday thousands of businesses come up with their own website to harness the power of Internet. In today’s expensive age, online business and its promotion seems like the quickest and cheapest business setup environment.

One such small business that has captured my recent attention is online jewellery stores and among them specifically beads. Beads are very common, from simple bracelets to bridal charms, they easily find their place on your hands. Surprisingly they even were used by Native Americans in religious and spiritual ways.

Now with the business of beads going online, the creativity has increased. People can customize beads to their style and get it delivered to their homes. But not all the websites know how to market such a small commonly available product effectively and create a unique presence.

While I was approached by a friend who owns an online bead store for advice, I started thinking of putting down a marketing strategy that could help not just one but many out there who have a similar website:

  • Create an online community about your beads focusing on building a relation with all your users.
  • Assess and create profiles on all the leading social networks such as Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Prepare a content strategy as part of an integrated marketing communication plan so that same message is communicated on all online media channels at the right time in the right way.
  • Harness the benefits of Facebook competitions and Twitter competitions. Free giveaways are always successful.
  • Directly interact with your fans and followers. Take their advice and suggestions to make them feel special.

Go online and build all sorts of relations. Participate in your community, make friends, develop every kind of relationship you can. Its hard work, but worth it in the end. Enjoy talking to your fans and members of the community and show passion for your work and products.

Online marketing techniques change all the time, but the key is to focus on your goals and not jump in every different direction.

Please share below if you have a bead store and how do you keep up with the online media?

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Olla Condoms – Unexpected Babies Social Media Campaign

December 1, 2011


Olla Condoms in Brazil came up with an interesting social media campaign yet to some it might sound even scary. The campaign targets some Facebook profile of guys (I suppose chosen randomly). The company created 100’s of fake profiles  with those guy’s in the profile and adding a Jr. tag in the end. Then they sent friend request to their proposed dad’s with a message that “don’t like surprises like this, use Olla condoms”, hoping to receive some reaction to the requests and probably an increased fan base.

It sure is an interesting way to get people talking about your brand but I sure don’t think it is the right approach. Many people have criticized the campaign on YouTube.. What are your thoughts?

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