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Marketing/PR Case Study of an Eight Year Old Birthday Party

April 23, 2011


Here is an awesome video of a marketing/PR/advertising/social media case study of an eight year old girl’s birthday party. Its amazing to see where all marketing can be applied.

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PR Needs To Become More Proactive

April 2, 2011


Public Relations has changed its course in recent years. Earlier PR companies used to be reactive to Marketing what was being said wholesale jerseys about den them, now they are proactive.

Media companies Content plan their content well in advance, they have big editorial calendars for the entire cheap nba jerseys month. What needs to be said to be the public and through which medium has been given a lot of Good, thought well in advance rather than waiting till cheap mlb jerseys the last moment. PR professionals no longer make plans to survive, they rather make strategies for promoting their Fake brand, market the value and grow the value through PR.

Still a lot of PR companies are reactive. They react to a company news, industry trend or an inquiry. But what they fail to realize is that PR can be used to leverage their marketing campaigns proactively rather than waiting and watching.

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