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Microsoft’s Art of Touch Project

November 11, 2011


Microsoft has come up with a new project called the “Art of Touch”. It is a digital canvas that lets users create and share digital art. It is only limited to users having HTML5 capable browsers though.

The “Art of Touch” is a marketing campaign for Microsoft’s touch computer mice. On the website, you can use your mouse or trackpad to create art using brushes and various effects developed by generative artists Erik Natzke, “Dr. Woohoo!” and Marius Watz.

Microsoft aims to make this project one of the largest digital art pieces in the world.

To make it more popular it also has social media features like sharing art on social networks, entering into competition and voting for friend’s art. Winners would be announced each week and the user who gets maximum votes by Dec 31 will get a grand prize.

Check the website and see for yourself.

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