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Fujitsu Develops Technology to Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen

April 17, 2013


Smartphones, laptops and tablets with touchscreen, we are all familiar with them. But ever thought that paper could also be converted into a touchscreen?

Fujitsu has come up with a new technology invention which can detect objects touched by your finger in the real world, effectively turning any surface — a piece of paper, for example — into a touchscreen, DigInfo reports.

“This system doesn’t use any special hardware; it consists of just a device like an ordinary webcam, plus a commercial projector. Its capabilities are achieved by image processing technology,” explains Taichi Murase, a researcher at Fujitsu’s Media Service System Lab.

Check out the video above to know more.

The best thing is that it not only works on flat surfaces but also one curved or uneven surfaces.

Image courtesy of YouTube/DigInfo

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Thinking of Drinking and Driving? Be Prepared to Meet Yamraj

February 18, 2013


Drinking and driving is dangerous. We all know it and yet we do not follow. To address this issue, Zara, a popular Tapas bar in Chennai along with the traffic police decided to spread awareness among Indians by means of God-like fear.

Yama, the God of Death from Hindu mythology was used to promote the message. He is seen quietly entering the car of visitor’s cars when it is brought back by the valet. Seeing the God of Death, people realize what they are doing and call the driver for hire service. Very interesting concept and wish it could be implemented in other parts as well.

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1.7 Million Jobs Posted on Facebook Job Board

November 16, 2012


Yesterday Facebook launched a job-board app, featuring 1.7 million listings from 5 different recruiting organizations.

This new application is the one of the products of Social Jobs Partnership that Facebook started last year with several public agencies and aggregating jobs in one place.

The first set of jobs comes from the three agencies viz. BranchOut, DirectEmployers Association, Work4Labs, Jobvite and

With this new move, I feel that Facebook is venturing into digital world big time and has a chance of becoming a threat to Google as well. Although this application is not generating any money directly for Facebook, but it sure can get into paid Job Listing business as well. Linkedin must watch out for sure. With such a huge database of almost 1 billion, this sure be a big success for Facebook.

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Google Comes Up with “Where Do I Vote” Locator on Election Day

November 6, 2012


It’s the Election Day in USA and to mark this day on web, Google has come up with a special ballot box Doodle.

If you click on the logo, you will land up on the Google Voting Place Locator. You will be prompted to add your address to find the voting place.

This will end up to the special Google Elections page where your voting place would be displayed along with other important information. Check it out on

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Nike Launches New Fitness Program via Xbox

November 5, 2012


A new fitness training program for the Xbox was launched yesterday by Nike as part of it’s strategy of tie up with Kinect motion sensor controller.

This is a personalized training experience combining the Nike’s athlete training with Kinect’s motion sensor technology.

Fitness freaks can define a goal, create a custom program and measure progress with Kinect’s real time feedback technology.

Earlier to this, Nike had launched Nike + iPod Sport Kit after their tie up with Apple which allowed people to put the device in their footwear and connect it to iPod Nano.

Usually Nike is associated with Sports freaks but this is the first time it is coming up with some program for fitness for everyone.

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Morrison a Victim of Facebook Give Away Scam

August 29, 2012


We are all aware of how the dupe data mining companies use fake branding material of big companies and fool people into signing up or giving away their information.

One such recent scam has been reported by Morrisons. Apparently it is targeted at Facebook users into clicking a link to get a free £250 gift voucher.

Voucher scam: the fake give-away offer aimed at Facebook users

The link features all Morrisons branding in an attempt to cheat Facebook users. In fact if you tried to leave the page, you will be notified saying you are “today’s winner”, luring you to stay back to claim the prize.

Morrison has already posted a warning on their website notifying that this is a scam.

Internet has become so open that a scam like this is not surprising. For people who already became a victim, just filter those emails and mark them as spam.

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GM’s Global Marketing Chief Resigns

August 1, 2012


After two years f work with GM, their global marketing chief, Joel Ewanick has resigned effective immediately.

The question exists whether he was asked to resign or  he did it voluntarily. Although GM spokesman Greg Martin said in a statement that Ewanick failed to meet the expectations.

Prior to working with GM, he was VP of marketing for Nissan where he just worked for a month. Before Nissan, he worked with Hyundai Motors as VP marketing. There he pioneered the Hyundai Assurance Program in 2009 under which customers could return their cars if they lost their jobs. This program was canceled in 2011.

Most surprising under his leadership he pulled advertising from Facebook and did not promote advertising on Super Bowl as well. Maybe that’s what pointed to lack of his performance. Lets see what happens to GM now!

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Iconic Dress of 50,000 Gummy Bears

July 7, 2012


New Magazine has come up with its collection of designer’s most iconic gowns and among it is one dress that stood out of the box.

Designed by Alexander McQueen in the Summer 2008 collection is the most legendary colorful dress known as the “Parrot Dress”. I guess the dress was so eye-catching that another fashion magazine editor, Hissa Igarashi along with his fashion assistant Sayur Marakumi recreated the same dress using 50,000 gummy bears.

If they wanted to make a fashion statement then nothing better than the colorful gummy bears to recreate the dress.

The dress took 3 weeks to make. First the dress was created out of steel wire and was covered with a sheet of vinyl.

It was later hand glued with 50,000 gummy bears to form a rainbow pattern.

The dress is attractive to look and a wonderful memory of the earlier dress and best part, it is edible as well.

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