G-Male Imagines World Where Google Creates Perfect Boyfriend

September 6, 2011

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Comediva, a female comedy brand has released a comedy video entitled “G-Male”, in which it imagines a world where Google has created the perfect boyfriend.

The video is inspired by the growing dominance of Google and the launch of Google+.

“We wanted to satirize the idea that Google has taken over all aspects of our lives, so why not dating?” remarked “G-Male” Director and VP of Production for Comediva, Emily McGregor. “And like any clingy boyfriend, or any technology that is always hanging around, infiltrating our space, he’s really hard to break up with.”

Added Comediva President and Founder, Erika Cervantes: “The best thing about ‘G-Male’ is that he’s acutely aware of what a woman wants because he is the data driven type. He has basically analyzed each and every little thing to maximize the boyfriend-girlfriend experience.”

You can view the video below:



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